Braai Salt ** THE famous BBQ star

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Typical grill spice! Who knows South Africa, knows Braai.

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Braai Salt – Bushveld Blend – For grill masters and Africa enthusiasts!

Braai Salt makes you a barbecue star. THE meat spice par excellence will make you and your guests rave with its balanced mixture of flavours. Braai is Afrikaans and means: Barbecue.

Recipe suggestions: 1 tablespoon Braai mixed with olive oil is THE marinade for all kinds of meat. The balanced amount of pungency, smoke and residual sweetness supports the aroma of the meat. Marinated tofu or vegetable pieces taste great in wraps or tortillas!

Ingredients: nat. Sea salt, garlic, sugar, mustard seeds, coriander, paprika, black pepper, caraway, white pepper, chilli, oregano, hickory essence, thyme, paprika oil.

Content: 70g

Originally handed down by a traveller through Africa::

„There is one thing that connects the different South Africans in a very decisive way – they appreciate “braai” (BBQ). Every family has its barbecue king – the man who knows his way around MEAT, with the right wood and seasoning mixes. . . . From Mzoli’s in Gugs to the suburbs of the town and the collective barbecue under the thorn tree, there is always a secret mixture of herbs and spices in the barbecue salt.“

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