Hot Rocks Garlic & Onion (formerly known as Hot Rocks Salad) **

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Popular balanced salad spice that is also suitable for vegetables, potatoes and pasta.

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Hot Rocks Garlic & Onion- Garlic, onion and ginger rock the salad & Co

No more boring salads, sandwiches, potato or vegetable dishes. The refreshing and exciting spice mixture with a bold chilli finish provides variety in the kitchen.

Recipe suggestions: Hot Rock Garlic and Onion goes well with every salad, it goes well with every vegetable dish and it tastes great in pasta and rice dishes! A popular all-rounder for the whole family.

Ingredients: chili, Khoisan sea salt, garlic, white and red onions, ginger, yellow mustard seeds, basil, paprika oil, celery

Content 90 g

Originally handed down by a traveller through Africa:
“For two thousand years, camel caravans have crossed the burning hot desert – from the Saharah gold salt mines in the north to Timbuktu. The caravans – who travel lightly loaded – carried fresh chillies mixed with natural sea salt as a travel spice, the gentle pungency with a wonderful taste sweetened the long journey under the hot sun… „

Suitable recipes

Polenta with vegetables


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