Maasai Night & Day – harmonious blend of Khoisan salt and finest pepper

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Finest table seasoning that fits everywhere and to everything.

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Maasai Night & Day  –  hochwertiger Pfeffer in ausgewogener Mischung mit Khoisan Salz

Maasai Night & Day ist die ideale Tischwürze für alle Speisen. Pfefferiger Pfeffer mit salzigem Salz. Der schwarze Pfeffer hat eine kräftige dominante Pfeffernote und das bekannte Khoisan Salz mundet aromatisch und mit 30% höherer Salinität als herkömmliches Salz mundet es prickelnd.

Recipe suggestions: Whether in a salad or in vegetables, on potatoes or as a topping on roasted meat – it tastes good wherever and whenever.

Ingredients: Khoisan salt, black pepper

content: 85g

Originally handed down by a traveller through Africa:
„On the outskirts of Ngorongoro we caught up with some young Maasai herders. Completely calm with themselves in their world, they were friendly and courteous with us. When noon came, we shared the food we had – some bread, meat, a few tomatoes, boiled eggs and the salt and pepper mixture that belonged to our guide. This mixture fascinated the Maasai herders very much. They called it ‘night & day’ spice and apparently they couldn’t get enough of the salty peppery taste. We left the place several hours later with a few more stories… and without the Night & Day Spice…“

Suitable recipes

Sweet potatoes with pineapple & ham

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