Madagascar Garlic Pepper ** two lovebirds

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Delicious with vegetable dishes, beef and fish.



Madagascar Garlic Pepper – Indian Ocean Blend – for garlic lovers!

If you like pepper and garlic, you will love Madagascar Garlic. The balance of this blend brings pungency and flavour to your dishes.

Recipe suggestions:  Mixed with olive oil, Madagascar Garlic is a delicate marinade on fish and meat. Also pizza or pasta dishes spice up the garlic-pepper mixture. Salads – be it potatoes, cucumbers or beetroot, etc. – get that certain something with Madagascar Garlic.  This mixture is also popular on cocktails, it gives the drink a sensual – playful note.

Ingredients: Sea salt, black peppercorns, garlic, parsley

Content: 65 g

MAX HAVELAAR certified pepper

Originally handed down by a traveller through Africa:
“In Madagascar, seemingly everyday things take a fascinating turn At a stable on the shore in Morondava near the Mozambique Channel we found a crab. On order, it was freshly grilled and sprinkled with a buttery sauce seasoned with pepper and garlic. Comfortable food in a Malagasy way – sublime, intoxicating and delicious’.

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