Swahili Lemon Pepper ** – Fresh lemon scent with peppery notes

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Extremely popular mixture with fish, calamari or tomato cocktails.

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Swahili Lemon Pepper

Fish and Swahili, Swahili and fish – this is the epitome of taste harmony. Try it out. You will love the high-quality spice. Of course you can also season other things with it.

Recipe suggestions: Mix Swahili with olive oil and you have THE marinade for fish & co. Swahili is also delicious on poultry. What many people don’t know: Swahili spices up tomato sauces, pasta dishes and dip sauces.

Ingredients: black peppercorns, Khoisan sea salt, garlic, lemon and orange peel, chives, lemon and orange oil.

Content: 60 g

MAX HAVELAAR certified pepper

Originally handed down by a traveller through Africa:
“In Dar es Salaam, I ran into a spice shop to escape the blazing sun for a few minutes. I left the shop a few hours later, after I had been warmly and extensively instructed about the secrets of certain spices. There are old, wise people who say that Swahili Lemon Pepper is addictive… They say you should serve it to the guests you like and want them to come back soon and often. „

Suitable recipes

Tortillas – each one is unique

Grapes with goat cheese and fig

Sweet potato with cream cheese, tomatoes and olives

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