Victoria Falls Rainbow Pepper – high quality pepper quartet

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A gourmet pepper that fits on everything you want to enjoy.



Victoria Falls Rainbow Pepper – four pepper varieties harmoniously combined.

The colourful quartet gives every dish the right pepper note.

Recipe suggestions: Pepper goes with everything. A fine touch of pepper over the freshly roasted beef fillet … a poem. Or crisp fresh salad with a pepper bonnet … a delight!

ingredients: black, white, green and red pepper

MAX HAVELAAR certified pepper

Originally handed down by a traveller through Africa:
“There is the eternal rainbow at Victoria Falls, which can apparently even be seen in the moonlight,” said the venerable gentleman who cooked at the British club in Mombasa. We celebrated the summer solstice at the club, where they served a creamy, fragrant pepper sauce with steak and velvety mashed potatoes…mmmh”


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