HOT DROPS Peri Peri & Ghost

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Peri Peri & Ghost – two popular chilli’s combined in a harmonious sauce

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HOT DROPS Peri Peri & Ghost

Two chilli varieties with their unmistakable character are united here. The result is a fiery rock'n'roll with a touch of herbal aromas and heart-freshening lemon. Let's dance!

Recipe suggestions: for aperitifs, in tomato dishes, for grills, etc.

Ingredients: Peri Peri Chili , vinegar, cane sugar, lemon juice, garlic book, sunflower oil, dried chili, salt, ghost pepper chili parsley, thyme, oregano, xanthan gum

Content: 125 ml

Original recipe handed down from a traveller through Africa .

On a scorching hot evening I strolled into a dimly lit bar in Otjiwarongo. The host with a face tanned by wind and sun served me with a lukewarm beer and the mixed grill menu of the day: "rack of lamb - beef steak - grilled piece of chicken and wild ragout crowned with a fried egg". It was delicious and perfectly prepared. A trio of chilli sauces was served with it - fantastic. It turned out that an Angolan prospector had spent several months in the region during his time out. He mixed and perfected the chili sauces, which consist of a total of six types of chillies. The chillies were planted by a former tenant - before he left the hostel in one night without paying. But he left behind the basic recipes from which the HOT DROPS were finally created.

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