Khoisan sea salt Seaweed & Herbs

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Khoisan Sea Salt Seaweed & Herbs – the spirit of the Atlantic Ocean combined with fresh herbs, seaweed and flowers. Can be used in many ways.

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Khoisan Sea Salt Seaweed & Herbs is a very unusual mixture of salt and herbs – it puts the icing on the cake of every dish. What an exquisite combination of flavours has been brought together here: the vitamin-rich nori seaweed and the selected spices complement each other wonderfully and create a fine, harmonious taste. In addition to the great taste experience, it is also environmentally and health-friendly. Delicious with salad, vegetables, in sour cream with baked potatoes, THE RACER with fish, seafood of poultry. You can pour it into a mill or a salt pot and enjoy it every day.

Khoisan sea salt, nori seaweed, oregano, parsley, lemon peel,
celery seeds, celery leaves, basil, thyme, lemongrass, calendula
Petals, chilli, garlic, onion flakes, coriander seeds,
blue poppy seed, mustard seeds, black peppercorns, mint

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