Gift set Fondue Duet

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Two wonders of taste in a duo-pack: the FONDUE-DUETT makes “safari feeling” palatable



Cape Curry Malay Spice – the mild, fine curry sauce and Safari BBQ – the mild, balanced sauce

These original African mild table sauces pimp your Fondue Chinoise and Fondue Bourguignonne to … unforgettable taste journeys are guaranteed!

The spice of CAPE MALAY comes from the curries of India. Rich and dense in taste, its “fire” is pleasantly subtle. A traveller discovered the CAPE MALAY on a trip to the Cape … and the Biryani he enjoyed there remained unforgotten. … with poultry, lamb, pork, pumpkin, (sweet) potatoes, egg dishes and rice dishes.

The SAFARI BBQ – the second in this bunch – is not at all behind aromatically. It too can be at the forefront when enjoying vegetables, corn and of course (grilled) meat of any kind. The SAFARI BBQ takes you directly into the African wilderness and lets you dream of endless starry skies.

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